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Reduce Stress & Feel Much More Relaxed – Get Professional Massage Therapy In Guildford!

With new technology comes growing responsibilities and more stress to many. While we are not scared of shouldering these responsibilities, we must not overlook the effect this leaves on us. Stinging back pains, drowsy eyes, tension accumulating in shoulders and tightening of muscles are a few of the effects. One might consider a good night’s sleep can solve all these worries, but it’s not true. The tension accumulated in your body seeps into your muscles, and unless you physically work on it, it won’t go away.

So how do we tackle this without a hassle? The answer is professional Massage therapy provided by experts like Medi Rejeune. Massage therapy involves rubbing, kneading and pressing the muscles, tissues, and ligaments. Massage therapy ranges from feathery stroking to deep pressure.

Medi Rejeune is a reputed massage centre near Guildford. We provide excellent massage therapy according to the needs of our clients and have an extraordinary team of professionals working to deliver our best and to help you unwind from your unnecessary stress.

Types of Massages for You – Medi Rejeune Clinic near Guildford!

Medi Rejeune massage centre provides a multitude of massage therapies, and they are as follows:

  • Deep tissue sports recovery massage: This technique is predominantly used to treat musculoskeletal issues like sports injuries and strains etc. If you are experiencing constant pain and your daily routine involves a lot of physical activities, then this massage is recommended for you.
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  • Remedial massage: This technique is used to treat muscles that are knotted, immobile, damaged and tensed. With this kind of massage, the mobility of your joints improves, and it also helps you get rid of muscle cramps.
  • Rejuvenation and preservation: We provide foot reflexology, foot massage and a spa treatment. This massage is completely safe, and our therapists will be there to guide you through from identifying your problems and briefing you on how this massage therapy would take place.
  • Acupuncture: This technique involves the use of needles on special muscle points to help improve the body’s ability to heal itself.

Why should you trust us to alleviate your stress?

Here is why you should trust us for your massage therapy sessions:

  1. Quality service: Not only do we provide a plethora of services, but we also provide them exceptionally. Our services are immaculate and one of the best massage centres near Guildford.
  2. Amazing offers: With our excellent services, we also provide loads of great deals and offers for our clients to maximise their experience here at Medi Rejeune.
  3. Safety: Our priority is the safety of our clients. We maintain top-notch hygiene and security at Medi Rejeune.
  4. Client satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is our main motto and our experienced team makes sure that they are provided with the right therapy sessions and are comfortable throughout.

Are you tired of living with back pains and tight shoulders? Do you feel knots in your back that you want to resolve? Contact us at (02) 9760 1188 for a relaxing session as we believe you deserve only the best.

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