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Experience The Most Relaxing & Recovery Massages In Merrylands At Medi Rejeune

In today’s dog-eat-dog world, where everyone wants to stay at the top of their game and we are bound to exhaust ourselves. So when exhaustion seeps in deep, the best way to revive is by unwinding yourself and relaxing by giving yourself a breather. So how do we unwind so that our body and mind feel rejuvenated? Try Massage therapy from the experts at Medi Rejeune! We provide sports recovery, deep tissue and deep tissue massages in addition to reflexology.

Massage therapy is known to be a part of integrative medicine. Massages are known to have a positive effect on a person’s physical and mental health as well. It can alleviate your pain and revive your tired body..

Medi Rejeune runs a popular clinic at Merrylands. We provide exceptional massage therapy treatment. With an excellent team of professionals, we offer the best service in town.

Now, let’s learn more about the types of massage therapy we offer

Sports recovery massage: This is specially tailored for different sports and sports injuries or strains. It involves stretching tight muscles, improving soft tissue condition and stimulating inactive muscles. Our sports recovery massage will help you reduce the tension and stress build-up in the soft tissue during exercise. This, in turn, will help in improving the overall performance, increase endurance, and reduce the chances of injury and the recovery time of an injury.

Refloxologies: If you are looking for a reflexology massage near you, you need not worry, as Medi Rejuene has experts to help you out. Reflexology involves applying various different levels of pressure to feet, hands and ears. It is based on the theory that certain organs and body systems are connected to these body parts. Using reflexology treatments at Medi Rejeune can help in the reduction of pain, stress and anxiety, lift mood, improve general well-being, correct hormonal imbalances, improve digestion, ease arthritis pain and boost the immune system. Reflexologies are very safe to try and are suitable for every age group and people with severe health conditions.

Relaxation massage: As the name suggests, relaxation massage therapy focuses on calming you. It helps in improving blood circulation and relieving muscle tension. Medi Rejuene offers relaxation massage therapy sessions near Merrylands and other nearby areas. During this treatment, our specialists apply smooth, long, gliding strokes that are rhythmic. With different massage techniques, this treatment will help you in relieving back and neck pain, lowering blood pressure, improving skin tone and peripheral circulation and improving bowel movement.

Deep tissue massage: This involves targeting deep layers of muscles and their surrounding tissue. This massage therapy is considered to treat chronic pain and sports injuries. Deep tissue massage is helpful to relieve pain, and stiffness and improve circulation by reducing swelling or accumulation of fluid around the injury. It also restores the range of motion and speeds up the healing of muscle. It is essential that you work with a qualified deep massage therapist if you want to try this. Medi Rejuene’s clinic at Merrylands is here to help you out. Before providing this massage, our therapists will identify the areas you are experiencing problems and adequately provide a treatment plan.

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Like what we have on offer for you? The team at Medi Rejeune will help you recover from several issues with a range of massage therapies that we have on offer for you. Our clinic is located at Stocklands Merrylands shopping centre. For any queries, you can speak with our experts and book an appointment today. Contact Medi Rejeune at (02) 9760 1189 for your amazing massage experience!

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