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One might believe that massage is a modern healing technique that is ‘trending’ these days, but that’s not true. Massage is one of the ancient healing traditions dating from 5000 years ago. Since then, massage therapy has been passed down the centuries to relieve pain, heal injuries, and cure or prevent illness through several generations. If you are planning to seek relief from extreme muscle and body pains in Wentworthville, then we are here for you.

Our massage therapy involves kneading, rubbing, and pressing the body using the hands. It also involves applying strong or gentle pressure to the joints and muscles of the body to ease tension and pain.

Medi Rejeune is a massage centre located near Wentworthville, NSW. Our massage therapy services are exceptionally effective and we have become one of the best in our field by providing extraordinary services and by delivering our best to our clients.

Massages Available at Medi Rejeune near Wentworthville!

  • Sports massage: If you have a repetitive injury to a muscle by playing sports, then this therapy is the best option for you. This therapy can also prevent injuries. This massage technique helps increase flexibility, reduce pain and anxiety, relieve muscle tension and improve your athletic performance. This technique can be full body or on specific parts as you wish. This massage will last for 60 0r 90 minutes depending on your request.
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  • Reflexology: This technique uses firm to gentle pressure on various pressure points on hands, feet and ears. This therapy is best to relax or regain natural energy levels. This therapy might be the best option for people who don’t like being touched. Reflexology helps reduce fatigue and pain, improves mood and sleep, and helps relaxation by reducing anxiety. This therapy lasts for 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Deep tissue sports recovery massage: This technique is predominantly used to treat musculoskeletal issues like sports injuries and strains etc.
  • Chinese medicine diagnosis: Traditional Chinese medicine is provided to the customers relevant to their needs.

Now that we’ve discovered the types of massage, let us guide you to the best place to avail of these near Wentworthville.

Reach out to Medi Rejeune for massage therapy, and you won’t regret it:

  1. High quality: Our services are top-notch and entirely effective. We deliver our best because we believe you deserve the best. With a prime team of professionals, we make sure to offer you exemplary services only.
  2. Soothing environment: Our main aim is to help you relax, and we deliver it by maintaining a calming ambience and a soothing environment.
  3. Multiple services: We provide a variety of services, namely deep tissue sports recovery massage, remedial massage, feet reflexology and massage, spa, acupuncture and Chinese medicine diagnosis.
  4. Client satisfaction: We believe our priority to be client satisfaction, and we strive hard to achieve it.

Contact us at (02) 9760 1188 for the best relaxing session ever. Our team of specialists will help you with the right therapy treatments and help heal your body and soul.

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