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Usually, after an exhausting day, one might believe sleep can fix the knots and pain ring you may feel all over the body. But that’s rarely the case. Sure, sleep can help you mentally, but these knots and pain rings aren’t going to dissolve by themselves. We need a solution that will not only resolve these knots and relieve the pain but also help us feel mentally better.

A hot stone massage is one of the famous and best ways to get this pain relief. It is one of the most popular massage techniques provided by Medi Rejeune in Merrylands. This process involves the use of a heated stone strategically placed to create pressure which will help you relax and unwind in more ways than you can imagine.

Medi Rejeune is one of the best massage centres that will provide you with Hot stone massage in Merrylands. We provide various exceptional massage therapy treatments according to the client’s needs. If you are wondering, is a hot stone massage worth it, it definitely is. Our massage centre will make sure that the treatment is worth the money you pay.

How exactly do we carry our hot stone massage therapy?

As the name suggests, it involves heated stones, but these are no ordinary stones. These are natural basalt stones that are high in iron, so they can hold the heat for longer. These stones are placed on the body acupuncture points strategically to create pressure. They are usually placed on precise points such as the face, chest, stomach, spine, feet, palms and toes.

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How do you benefit from our hot stone massage?

Pain relief: Hot stone massage works best for relieving pain in the back, shoulders and neck. Muscle tightening can happen because of this pain. The heat from the stone is absorbed into your body, helping to manipulate your muscles easily. Heat is already known to relieve tension and soothe pain in your muscles. It also helps reduce inflammation induced by pain and spasms. With inflammation gone, it becomes easier to relieve tension and soothe pain, helping you achieve your best relaxed state.

Stress relieving: Like a great hug, heat can soothe you in a cocoon of warmth! The warmth can spread in your body, helping you relax. This massage is known to positively affect depression and anxiety, which can also help improve your cardiovascular activity.

Boosting immunity: A hot stone massage can boost your immune system. A study showed that a hot stone massage could increase the growth of lymphocytes in the body which help you fight infections.

Get quality sleep: Experiencing pain, depression, anxiety, or stress can affect your daily sleep. A hot stone massage can help you relax and relish your sleep.

Muscle tension: The hot stone relieves tension and soothes muscles. It also improves the muscles’ response to different massage techniques such as kneading, rolling etc.

Medi Rejeune is one of the top massage centres located in Stocklands Merrylands. With an excellent team full of professionals working their best to provide top-notch services. We also use high-quality equipment. We maintain immaculate hygiene at our clinic and safety for our clients while providing a plethora of services according to their needs.

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