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Have you come across hot cupping therapy? You don’t know much about it, but you’re curious, aren’t you? What’s with the hype? Is it actually as beneficial as they claim? If so, what are the criteria to apply for it? Also, where to get it from? These things might pop up in your mind. But fear not, as we are here to help you out.

Cupping therapy is an ancient therapy that aims to cure a wide range of medical conditions. While it may have risen in popularity due to the many massage centres offering it these days, hot cupping therapy has been around for centuries. There are even mentions of cupping therapy in an ancient medical text from 1550 BC.

Medi Rejeune is expert in cupping therapy. Our clinic at Stockland Merrylands has an outstanding team of professionals who provide exceptional cupping therapy for clients of all ages.

Let us help you understand how our hot cupping therapy will benefit you

Hot cupping therapy has been around for centuries, and numerous cultures from around the world have been using it, including ancient Egypt, the Middle East, Chinese, Korean, Unani (practised in Arabic and Asian countries), Tibet and Greece.

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During hot cupping, our therapists at Medi Rejeune will create suction by placing cups on the skin. This suction facilitates healing and improves the flow of energy in the body. There is an increase in blood circulation in the area where the cups are placed. Muscle tension is relieved through this, which will improve blood flow in the body and promote cell repair. It will also induce the growth of new connective tissue and the formation of new blood vessels in the body.

Whilst availing of this hot cupping therapy, you are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Promoting the flow of blood in the skin
  • Increasing pain tolerance
  • Improving anaerobic metabolism (without oxygen)
  • Minimising inflammation
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Decreasing both types of cholesterol and uric acid
  • Enhancing the flow in the lymphatic system
  • Encouraging toxin release from tissues

There are many different reasons to get hot cupping therapy at our Merrylands clinic. Some of them help with pain, blood flow, inflammation and relaxation. While you may not have symptoms of any medical issues, you can still enjoy hot cupping therapy as a form to clear your blood of its toxins and help you relax.

Medi Rejeune is one of the best places in Merrylands to get professional hot cupping therapy. We also provide various other services, including different types of massages, physiotherapy etc.

Why we are one of the top massage centres in Merrylands:

  1. Impeccable service: Be it physiotherapy, massages, hot cupping therapy or any other service you require, we only deliver the best.
  2. Exciting offers: We have many exciting offers and great deals to help you. You can check them out.
  3. Safety: We believe that the safety of our clients is our priority. We maintain extraordinary hygiene measures, and our professionals handle the equipment with the greatest precautions.

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