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Ever heard of walking massage or what may popularly be known as a back stepping procedure? We bet you have heard about it from someone in your family or office group, or even experienced it yourself. This ancient Chinese practice helps in relieving stress, alleviating pain and channelling energy throughout the body.

So what is a back stepping or walking massage? Well, as the name suggests, a licensed practitioner steps on your back while you lie down on the surface where they give you a deep massage using their feet. This is highly effective as well as very simple to execute in a small studio. Besides that, you don’t need much equipment or accessories to pull this off. In fact, you can book a session at Medi Rejeune for back stepping today.

Our massage therapy clinic is based in Merrylands inside the Stockland Shopping Centre. You can visit us anytime as we are open seven days a week. We make sure everything’s in perfect order, and all the preparations are made in advance so you can easily receive a powerful backstepping massage. Just visit our Merrylands clinic today and meet our highly-qualified, friendly and experienced therapists at Medi Rejeune!

We would love to have you around. There’s nothing better than relieving all your stress after a tiring day at the office, or college or after taking care of your household chores. Medi Rejeune invites you all. Come along with your friends and family!

Medi Rejeune – Your back stepping Massage Therapy Specialist in Merrylands!

The barefoot back stepping massage is also known as ashiatsu in Japanese and is widely popular across the East. During this session, our trained therapists will take the support of a bar on the ceiling and step on your back repeatedly. This ceiling bar helps our therapists to maintain balance and form while stepping on your back. Furthermore, it allows controlling the pressure on your body. It’s important to regulate the pressure during a deep tissue massage. Within a few minutes of this massage, you’ll start feeling relaxed, that’s for sure. Besides, our team will take all the appropriate safety measures before initiating your back stepping massage at our Merrylands clinic.

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This is a very simple form of massage but one that’s powerful enough to relieve your stress and pain in a single session. But how does this walking massage or ashiatsu help you?
Here are the clear-cut benefits of backstepping massage at our Medi Rejeune clinic:

  • Stress relief
  • Lymphatic system stimulation
  • Improved flexibility
  • Improved posture
  • Tension release
  • Alleviates inflammation (joints & muscles)
  • Better Wellness overall

In Australia and particularly in Merrylands, more and more people are trying this ancient massage technique every day, and noticing quick relief. You can walk in their footsteps, too and get the most amazing experience at Medi Rejeune. We will be happy to provide you with massage therapy at our clinic!
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